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Strategy and Management of NGOs

Conclusions innovation company in Colombia and human rights


The document includes the main contributions and recommendations made by the participants concerning 5 thematic blocks. The project was financed by the AECID and attended by the Presidential Advisory Office for human rights, ANDI and creates results as partners. It was conceived as one contribution to the work of many actors in Colombia and internationally, with the aim of promoting the implementation of the UN guiding principles on business and human rights.

You can consult here the document.

BREAD Chile, the participation of actors dialogues

As part of a wider process of collaboration with the Directorate of human rights of the Ministry of foreign relations of Chile, Carlos Cordero by Sustentia provided in the month of July 6 workshops with representatives of civil society, the companies and the unions in Santiago, Temuco and Antofagasta. These are completed with them made with representatives of those peoples indigenous in them same 3 by Birgitte Feiring and Paloma Muñoz Quick sites, professionals of the DIHR. The results preliminary is presented to the Group of work inter-agency in the headquarters of the Ministry of relations foreign.

Guidelines for due diligence on human

The document focuses mainly on the pillars II and III (I respect and remedy) the guiding principles of UN on business and human rights . He argues the importance of human rights in the company management, He explains the system that establishes the guiding principles and makes a detailed and practical journey on due diligence and the principles which should take the company prevention and remedy of violations which is responsible. It is a document of Social innovation Sustentia, with collaboration of AECID. November 2014.

CUADERNO-Guia of the UN guiding principles

Cuaderno-Guia of the UN guiding principles on business and human rights. Gateway It is a global document for a quick understanding of the UN guiding principles and aims to achieve its implementation of agile and effective way. It represents a simple gateway to the due diligence. It is a document of Social innovation Sustentia, in collaboration with AECID. November 2013.

English version is available.


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Separation of powers, international dialogue in Madrid


On Wednesday 10 may between the 16:00 and the 20:00h will be held in the event of free access "Separation of key powers in a democracy, Justice, Human rights and anti-corruption". Co-organized by transparency Venezuela, Chapter of the organization Transparency Interntational, and the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid, the event will take place in the box Music Hall in the City Hall of Madrid, with a format of dialogue in three panels with international experts.

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Follow-up to the OHCHR in Guatemala


As experts in business and human rights, Sustentia Social innovation has been carrying out a programme of follow-up missions to the Office of the High Commissioner for human rights in Guatemala (OHCHR) Since July of 2015, six so far. Together with government stakeholders, companies, organizations of civil society and indigenous peoples, international cooperation with a presence in the country is also adopting a relevant role through coordination group.

Indicators model of transparency RTA in Honduras

Sustentia Social innovation took place during 6 months technical support (EN) the Institute for access to public information (IAIP), secured body of the law of transparency and access to public information of Honduras, adopted in December of 2006. The project was aimed at adapting the institutional and social reality of the country dimension of outcome indicators of the model of international measurement of transparency of the network of transparency and access to information (RTA), to follow up on the implementation of the mechanisms provided for by the law.

Study of disabilities and Reporting to ILO

Disability & CSR Reporting. Compared reporting practice of 40 selected MNCs It is a publication that analyzes common practices of 40 multinational companies at the time of reporting CSR in their annual reports about the inclusion of people with disabilities and, in particular, about his work.

Document prepared by Juanjo lamb, Marleen Rueda and Tania Ortiz de Zuñiga, in collaboration with Sustentia Social innovation. July 2014.