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Formación práctica sobre Informes de Sostenibilidad (Nfr)

Aprenderás las cuestiones básicas para entender las nuevas tendencias y obligaciones en información no financiera (Nfr) , y a informar eficazmente conforme a la lógica de: modelo de negocio y riesgos, política, medidas y KPIs, teniendo en cuenta la doble materialidad.

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Guidelines for human rights due diligence

The document focuses mainly on the pillars II and III (I respect and remedy) the guiding principles of UN on business and human rights .

He argues the importance of human rights in the company management, He explains the system that establishes the guiding principles and makes a detailed and practical journey on due diligence and the principles which should take the company prevention and remedy of violations which is responsible.

It is a document of Social innovation Sustentia, with collaboration of AECID. Available 2A updated version (November 2019).

CUADERNO-Guia of the UN guiding principles

Cuaderno-Guia of the UN guiding principles on business and human rights. Gateway It is a global document for a quick understanding of the UN guiding principles and aims to achieve its implementation of agile and effective way. It represents a simple gateway to the due diligence.

It is a document of Social innovation Sustentia, in collaboration with the Spanish Agency of international cooperation for development (AECID). November 2013.

English version is available here.

Data and analysis 1000 reports to contribute to the reform of the NFR Directive

The State of Information on Business Sustainability in the European Union 2020 is the most far-reaching study carried out to date on the publication of information on corporate sustainability of 1000 companies of 28 European countries, belonging to 11 sectors. Includes a specific report on the Spanish companies analyzed.

Sustentia collaborates in the first regional guide of right of access to public information


The autonomous community of Murcia, in collaboration with Sustentia and the international human rights organization Access Info Europe, It has developed the first guide of right of access to public information in the Region of Murcia.

This guide provides citizens for the processing of requests for access to public information directing staff of the regional administration.
You can consult here the document.

Guide of public policy in DHE with territorial approach

Technical document guidance for the development and implementation of public policy on human rights and business (DHE) sub-national levels of State: national level, departmental and local level.

AECI-funded, This document is part of a technical assistance to national and regional authorities for the implementation of the National Colombia DHE action plan and their inclusion in local policies.