Sustentia took part in the London Summit 2013 the Open Government partnership

Sustentia Social Innovation actively participated in the London Summit 2013 of the Alliance for open Government (OGP, for its acronym in English), held between days 31 October and 1 November 2013. Sustentia Social innovation has been working since 2005 on the improvement of the mechanisms for transparency and accountability of States, both nationally and internationally.

The OGP is an initiative that was launched in 2011 to provide an international platform for individuals linked to the national reform in the accountability of their Governments, in order to make them more open, transparent and improve its ability to answer to their citizens. Already brings to 64 countries where Government and civil society work together to develop and implement ambitious reforms environment to open Government.

At the London Summit 2013 They participated more than 1.000 delegates from more of 60 countries, including representatives of civil society organizations, the private sector and the Government, sharing the experiences of their respective countries and providing real-life examples of how openness can improve public services, boost economic growth, reduce poverty and corruption and restore public confidence in the Government.

The Summit focused mainly on five key policy areas:

  • Open data: radical openness of government data to drive business initiatives, growth and accountability.
  • Integrity of the Government: fight against corruption and strengthening of democracy through a transparent Government.
  • Fiscal transparency: Media guarantee that taxpayers can "follow the money".
  • Empowerment of citizens: transformation of the relationship between citizens and Governments.
  • Transparency of natural resources: guarantees that natural resources and revenues from extractive industries are used for the public benefit, and no profits to corrupt elites.

During the Summit, were 37 Governments that expressed new commitments concerning transparency and accountability at the national level.