Inter-institutional and social collaboration against corruption: EUROsociALII-FIIAPP

Social innovation Sustentia was hired by the International Foundation and for Ibero-America public policy and administration (FIAPP) the development of the strategy of the action "Strengthening of the institutional and social collaboration in the fight against corruption" for the next 2 years (2014-2015), financed with European funds of the "program for the Cohesion Social in Latin America" EUROsociAL II, coordinated by FIIAPP and the Fundación Centro de Educación a Distancia para economic and technological development (Foundation CEDETT) as operating partner.

This action is to support some countries of Latin America in their efforts to achieve greater institutional and social collaboration in the fight against corruption, in three established lines of work that reinforce each other:

  • Strengthening of public-private cooperation in the fight against corruption;
  • Transparency and public access to information, improvement of regulations and support in its implementation (strengthening of the active and passive transparency) as well as the support to the mechanisms of sensitization and training of the civil society in the.
  • Complaint and complaint mechanisms, institutional harmonization of procedures, technological development to support processes and improvement in disclosure of the right of complaint and protection of complainants.

Currently, through key institutions, These are Latin American countries partners of the programme, recipients of transfers and knowledge:

  • Colombia (Secretariat of transparency)
  • Paraguay (National anticorruption Secretary)
  • Peru (High level anti-corruption and Ombudsman Commission)
  • Ecuador (Defender of the people and Council of citizen participation and Social control)
  • El Salvador (Undersecretary of transparency and information access Institute).

From a regional point of view, the action supports the strengthening of the network of transparency and access to information (RTA). It also has the following countries as allies: Brazil (Comptroller General of the Union), Mexico (Federal Institute of access to information and data protection) and Chile (Council for transparency).