Our work


Sustentia lichen

In Sustentia Social innovation we believe in a way of working based on people and that uses the following criteria:

  • Relationship based on open communication, honest and transparent with customers.
  • Joint and participatory process in the design of solutions.
  • Strengthening through the transfer of knowledge, focused on autonomy and to the non-dependence of the customer.
  • Creativity and innovation through the development of specific products and services for every need.
  • Networking generating partnerships that complement the capabilities of Sustentia and their clients.
  • Systematization of activities in process.
  • Focus on outcomes through the measurement, evaluation and continuous improvement.
  • Absolute respect for the confidentiality of the information to which access.

Sustentia frame

Our methodological framework is based on a cycle of project ranging from the activities of identification to the evaluation and application of lessons learned. We believe in the need for dialogue and joint work between the representatives of the States, businesses and civil society in order to ensure the protection of human rights