Sustentia Social innovation is a consulting company with more of 15 years of experience in projects, in Spain and Latin America.

We work with different types of customers, in 5 Specific knowledge areas. We provide our services to companies, NGOs, Foundations, Public Administration and Universities, work with projects of:

Technical Advisory

Counseling, Consulting and Project Management

We work with our clients by providing consulting services, Consulting and Project Management, always with a participatory approach and solution set design.

Our services are based on the use of methodologies and proprietary tools, well as other widely accepted nationally and internationally, or adaptations thereof.

Assessments and Audits

Assessments and Audits

We help our clients design metrics, to performance evaluations and act as auditors in different areas of management. We focus on continuous improvement processes as a way of achieving excellence.

Internal audit work in conjunction with those responsible for this function in organizations, also playing the role of external auditors, with an approach based on the training of the Auditors of the Organization itself.



Training we teach our five covers Areas of knowledge. We work to adapting the contents and methodology to each specific training action. Our training has the following features:

  • Theoretical and practical (based both on the case method as participatory workshops).
  • Own courses open and tailored training.
  • Professional Training ad hoc.
  • Teaching Academic Training (undergraduate and graduate).
  • Classroom training and Online (through
  • Participation as speakers at conferences, seminars and conferences.
Studies and reports

Studies and reports

Because of our emphasis on innovation, attach particular importance to the generation of knowledge performing Analysis and Studies, and disseminating results through reports.

Participate and headed Studies related to our Knowledge Areas, alone or networking with other organizations that complement our capabilities.