Sustainable Mosaic

Sustentia Social innovation is an established consultancy in 2004 It combines vision with the social, through the creation of alliances and network management, We are betting on creativity, innovation and knowledge generation.

It has wide experience in the fields of business and human rights, Anticorruption, Right of Access to Information, Government and NGO Management, Social Responsibility and Development. Sustentia investigates, training, technical assistance, conducts evaluations.

Social Innovation Sustentia works for and in collaboration with public and private institutions, multistakeholder groups including universities, companies, business associations, NGOs, unions and consumer associations, both in Spain, as in Europe and Latin America.

Sustentia | Sustentia Institute

  • Professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the business world and in
    civil society organizations.
  • Experience in consulting, consulting and audit companies and national and international social organizations.
  • Support in the construction of public policy with a focus on rights.
  • University teaching and training organizations, companies and public institutions.
  • Research and studies on Business and Human Rights, RSC, Transparency and Access to Information, Development and strategy and management of NGOs.
  • Collaborations with national public institutions in various countries with regard to the transparency of the public administration and anti-corruption.
  • Studies and research in the field of business taxation and transparency of your relevant information.
  • Participation in the definition of standards and CSR and Quality Models.
  • Participation in multi-stakeholder forums and in numerous seminars, roundtables and conferences.

These profiles provide different Sustentia strengths:

  • Wide view of the business environment combined with a deep understanding of the social world.
  • Experience in the use of methodologies and tools applicable to strategic design consultancy, project management and evaluation of results.
  • Strengthening the team through networking with access to experts in different disciplines with ability to participate in projects.
  • Flexibility to undertake projects in different settings and with customers of different characteristics and size. "