The professional profile people who are Sustentia is marked by the management experience in organizations of different nature.

Managing partner of Sustentia Social innovation. Degree in economics and business from the UAM, Executive MBA by IE and expert in management of development projects by the UNED and OEI, Carlos es profesor en diversos postgrados en las áreas de Ética y Derechos Humanos, aplicadas a la gestión empresarial y también al ámbito de las intervenciones de Acción Humanitaria, entre otras en la Universidad de Deusto y la UNED. You have more than 25 years of experience in business and human rights (E&DH), Sustainable development, Right of Access to Information, Anti-corruption, Inequality and Fiscal responsibility, among other areas. He participates as an expert researcher in international discussions, working papers and public policy, in the European Union and Latin America. He has previously held senior positions in private companies, national and multinational (Thorn-EMI, PROMAX, AENOR and Nortelnetworks).

He is currently a member of the Ethics Committee, Investment ethics SGR Fund (Italy). He collaborates with various civil society initiatives (Board of Directors of Access Info Europe – AIE), President of the Association of professionals for the quality of the development cooperation (ACADE), Member of the Group of experts of the Innequality Framework of Oxfam-Intermon & LSE, inter). It has been for years voluntary team of business and human rights at Amnesty International, He was a member of the Commission of the follow-up of the code of conduct of the NGO development coordinator of Spain (CONGDE) and the Committee of Control of seal trade fair in Spain, among other organizations.



Juanjo Cordero is partner of Sustentia Innovación Social since its foundation in 2004. He has a degree in Economics and Business Studies (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), a Postgraduate Certificate in Corporate Responsibility (UNED) and Magister's Degree in Development and International Aid (ICEI-UCM).He has more than 20 years of professional experience, focusing on management of research projects, consulting, advisory, audit and training, in the private sector and civil society organizations..

In the private sector has made strategic plans, methodologies and other consultancies for companies such as BBVA, Bankia, Banco Santander, Iberdrola, Ferrovial or DKV, among others. He has worked in Spain, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia. He participates in forums and national and international working groups in the field of business and human rights, Taxation and transparency, with a common approach to preventive management for the protection of rights and in line with criteria of quality. Your participation in 2012 and 2014 International conferences of human rights in the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM). He has extensive teaching experience, at the University level as well as internally for companies and public institutions.



Consultant in research and data analysis. Alejandra Cortés has a degree in Business Administration (Pontifical Javeriana University), Specialist in Labor Law and International Relations (university extership of Colombia), Master in International Development Cooperation (Comillas Pontifical University) and has done complementary training in Design and Management of Cooperation Projects at the International Training Center of the ILO. He has more than ten years of professional experience in the field of international cooperation for development in Colombia.

Before reaching Sustentia, collaborated in the United Nations Population Fund, supporting planning and execution, Information workshops, audits and grants to NGOs in projects for Sexual and Reproductive Health for adolescents and youth and HIV/AIDS. Subsequently, collaborated in the International Labor Organization, supporting planning and financial follow-up in projects on professional training for victims of the armed conflict in Colombia, dialogue with workers' organizations, besides management, follow-up, training, design and adaptation of tools in projects aimed at strengthening the skills of labor inspectors as well as rural workers in certain regions of Colombia, on issues related to labor rights, labor formalization and safety and health at work.

Since joining Sustentia, has collaborated on matters related to Corporate Sustainability, Human rights and business, management of third sector organizations and development cooperation, by analyzing economic data, financial, as well as research, preparation of reports, strategic planning, management systems in improvement processes, design and adaptation of tools and provision of education and training in academic environments, NGO, public administrations and companies.


Consultant in human rights projects at Sustentia Social Innovation. He has a Master's Degree in Conflict Resolution and Mediation (European University of the Atlantic of Spain). Bachelor of Business Administration with specialization in Human Resources (UNIT Costa Rica) and Diploma in Business Administration with a specialty in Accounting (Costa Rica university). Certified in Positive Discipline (PDA Costa Rica), with Mentoring Training Certificate (Vital Voices Costa Rica). Specialist in Sustainable Tourism and Local Development (OIT DELNET).

Before reaching Sustentia, has developed his professional experience by 25 years in international cooperation and comprehensive development. He has collaborated in 6 countries (Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Bolivia, Costa Rica and Spain), in local and international NGDOs and in a UN (UNICEF). The projects he has coordinated have been especially in children's rights, right of access to quality education for low-income people, comprehensive development of working boys and girls, socioeconomic integration of refugees and access to decent work to improve the living conditions of young people in rural and marginal urban areas. His experience of 7 years in the strategic direction of a local Association in Costa Rica. Currently, He also participates as a speaker at conferences on integral development issues.. Also, write and publish online, stories about the lives of women human rights activists who inspire with their life testimonies.

Since its incorporation, has supported research projects, consulting, technical assistance, evaluation and training, in the areas of knowledge of Sustentia. Collaborate with economic and social actors on the path of sustainable and responsible development. Contributes to the implementation of social innovation and development cooperation projects and the improvement of the social result of the actions of civil society organizations. Collaborate in education and training processes.



Economist. For fifteen years he has been labour relations specialist, social dialogue and labour at the International Labour Organization administration, first at its headquarters in Geneva and during the last years at his Office for South Asia, in New Delhi. Currently on leave, He works in the field of CSR, various issues of the International Labor and human rights.
Bachelor's degree in biological sciences. Master in management of renewable energies (INIEC, Malaga) and in agro-ecology for sustainable Rural Development (UNIA, Andalusia). Technical international consultant and lecturer in renewable energy; Ecological agriculture; Sustainability of Rural and artisan SMEs; Conservation and Forest Harvesting; Biomass and energy crops, inter alia.
Director of the Doctorate in International and Intercultural Studies, Doctor of Philosophy and Professor of Ethics at the University of Deusto. He is also visiting research professor at numerous universities in Europe and Latin America. Advises various social initiatives in ethical issues involved in various organizational and Ethics Committees.
Degree in Clinical Psychology from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, with a postgraduate degree in ICADE in Psychology applied to business. He has extensive experience in organizational consulting in HR and in the field of communication in the public and private sectors. He has managed cooperation projects with international funders, and collaborated with CSOs in cooperation projects to raise awareness about the care of the Environment and the risks of Climate Change. Specialist in the analysis and use of Non-Financial Information in the business environment oriented to sustainability.