Transparency in public administration: methodology, implementation and studies


Between the years 2005 and 2010 Sustentia carried out an international project, funded by the Open Society Justice Initiative, with the aim of boost progress in the implementation of effective systems of transparency and access to information in public administration. This project was structured on a methodology designed and applied in an initial pilot project. After this pilot was replicated in a total of 17 technical assistance, developed with the collaboration of 3 international organizations in Peru (Press and Society Institute – IPIS), Venezuela (Transparency Venezuela) and Albania (Developing and Democratization Institutions of Institutions).

The implementation of the designed methodology includes 5 phases (diagnosis, definition of improvement, implantation, evaluation), and a preliminary definition of the project with project partners: public and social institutions, in the case to include the participation of these.

For the planning of the project, in this case sought to work broadly on two variables that are necessary for the implementation of effective information access: committed and efficient public institutions, and skilled and active civil society in the exercise of this right.

Thus, in this case, and to cater to the specific context of opportunity and needs detected, It was decided to develop a methodology in which the two actors work in parallel: public institution and civil society.

Among other results, These technical assistance allowed to collect and 44 lessons learned that it constitute areas of management and monitoring of any plan for implementation of projects of transparency and access to information in public administration. These lessons learned were classified by their relationship with: policies, technical capacity, accessibility, awareness-raising, management, management of information requests, file, relationship and participation of citizens.

As a result of the project developed in Peru between the years 2005 and 2007 with Instituto Prensa y Sociedad, collected experience in the publication “An attempt to implement transparency rules”, as lessons learned and transparency rules for NGOs working in the field of access to information manual.

[Sustentia Social Innovation: Organization pioneered the development of transparency and the right of access to information in Spain]

From more than 10 years, Sustentia is leading in Spain studies with private organizations and NGOs active in the development of this law, and in the implementation of mechanisms for implementation and monitoring. He participated in the study "Transparency and silence: study on access to public information in Spain", on access to public information, carried out by the "Open Society Justice Initiative" in 15 countries.

In the year 2008 Sustentia prepared the report "Transparency and anti-corruption", based on the monitoring carried out during the 2007 about 3 sectors in countries of the South: construction, water management and extractive industry.

[Collaboration with civil society organizations]

Sustentia collaborates with various organizations of civil society working in the field of transparency of public representatives and Governments, in the construction of models that respond to our expectations in this regard as Access-Info Europe, the ProAcceso Coalition, FOIA Net or TIRI. Took part along with Access-Info Europe and TIRI in the design of the principles and the standard Publish What You Fund. This initiative, which promotes transparency in international aid, It is composed of organizations of the civil society from around the world who work both in the scope of the aid effectiveness, as in the access to information.

The initiative, that launched in Accra in 2008 within the High level Forum III (FAN3), It advocates for aid to be effective, responsible and participatory, It should be clear. The information should be available to the host Government, affected communities, other interested parties, as well as for the general public.